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Is the inspiring and versatile fashion brand for hospitality professionals. Our love for the hospitality profession drives us. Every day. Our hearts beat faster when the fire burns in the kitchen, when the espresso beans grind, when the glasses clink. The people who give their best every day to make guests happy deserve our commitment and admiration. Their drive is our fuel. That is what we want to create and inspire.

Conscious choices, we all try to make them. Your guests are more and more looking for vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. And you make their choices easier by making your menu more sustainable and less wasteful. 
 At CHAUD DEVANT, we're also working to reduce our carbon footprint and make our collections more sustainable. To make finding these eco-friendly items a lot easier for you, we have created the FEEL GOOD label.


  1. Hoodie Comodo Blue Melee
    Hoodie Comodo Blue Melee
    As low as € 68.91 € 56.95
  2. T-shirt Ronda Blue Melee
    T-shirt Ronda Blue Melee
    As low as € 39.87 € 32.95
  3. T-shirt Lady Tierra Blue Melee
    T-shirt Lady Tierra Blue Melee
    As low as € 39.87 € 32.95
  4. Chef Jacket Cambio White
    Chef Jacket Cambio White
    As low as € 78.59 € 64.95