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The staff restaurant where our employees are offered an organic, vegetarian lunch every day prepared fresh by our own head chef. This is not only a place where we come together to eat, it’s also a place for inspiration, creation and sharing. We organise a variety of events with top chefs, such as charity dinners, inspiration sessions and book launches. It’s a special venue that we are glad to provide for collaborations between chefs, businesses and food professionals. All proceeds are donated to charity, and our door is always wide open for new ideas and fine initiatives.

Charity Dinner 1

The first Charity Dinner was held on Monday, 15 April in our newly opened restaurant CLUB Chaud Devant. Chefs Julius Jaspers, Ferry van Houten (restaurant Het Bosch), Peter Lute (Restaurant De Kruidfabriek-, ARC-, Soundbites by Lute) and Gijs Numan (Brasserie Paardenburg) cooked a delicious four-course dinner for the 45 guests attending the event. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and sold out within a week. It was a wonderful evening full of culinary surprises with an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. We are proud to announce that thanks to the chefs, our sponsors and our guests we raised over 4,000 euros for the K.I.D.S. Foundation.

Charity Dinner 2

On Thursday, 26 September, Alain Caron and Herman den Blijker cooked an exceptional meal for War Child in CLUB Chaud Devant. The select group of guests visibly enjoyed the Burgundian dinner and the intimate atmosphere. Thanks to our sponsors and these wonderful chefs, who selflessly joined forces for this event, we are able to contribute to War Child’s efforts to save as many children as possible from war.

A personal message from Emma Wille (War Child) directly from Uganda and the gripping story of Suzanne Mittendorff (War Child) demonstrated just how special and how important the help offered by War Child is for these vulnerable children. Chef Ferry van Houten surprised us with a tasty amuse-bouche and even did a stint behind the DJ table.

Streetart join the club

We employ our passion and creativity to design innovative, attractive and high-quality clothing for chefs, kitchen crews and wait staff. We strive to optimise the total restaurant experience through our clothing. Our goal is to make everything just a little nicer, which is why we also adorned the outside of our building with street art – with our own design executed by Amsterdam artist Matthew May. The art is an ode to the city of Amsterdam, with its lovely canal-side houses, and showcases our clothing, passion for food, health and charity.


 This is Fleur: With this drawing, which depicts the ‘wonderment of a child’, Fleur is the symbol of our foundation, which is always focused on helping children.


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